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What Kyle’s Clients & Students
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Reluctant Review

Rated 5 out of 5
October 28, 2021

I almost don’t want the world to know how great Kyle is because it’s hard to get an appointment sometimes! BUT, it’s magic. I don’t know any other way to describe it. I feel like it should be required maintenance. I always feel so much better after I see him. It’s not a massage, it’s body work for real. Work that fixes things and straightens you out and makes pain go away. He’s a gem, and so is his dog.


The man God has gifted to helping people!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 3, 2021

We have been to numerous massage therapists and chiropractors, over many years, but unfortunately, their procedures never got at the root of the problem. It always came back. Then we heard about Kyle (Kyle Wright at the Wright Center) and decided to try him. He approaches the situation differently then what we had experienced. His skills and expertise are up and over-the-top! One will get results by whatever he does. He’s kind and for all the ladies out there, he’s a perfect gentleman.
Thank you and we love you, Kyle!!

Nancy duMonceaux and Karen Aquilino

Immediate Results!

Rated 5 out of 5
March 23, 2021

I’ve struggled with lower back pain for years and was in need of someone that specializes in advance bodywork. I explained my struggles to Kyle and he immediately knew what the issue was. After two visits, I’m pain free and have no limitations when it comes to physical activity. Grateful to have one of the best in the business located in Fairview, NC!


A Better Approach to Reclaiming My Body's Function

Rated 5 out of 5
August 16, 2020

I am thankful this opportunity now exists here at Kyle’s website. I think what I have to share will be of interest to you concerning my experience and observations at The Wright Center. I have advanced, severe osteoporosis complete with a dowager’s hump therefore I can’t have just anybody work on my body. By the time I came for my first two hour session with Kyle on June 2, 2020, I felt there had to be a better approach than the palliative, symptomatic one I had been following. I knew after my very first session with Kyle that I was finally on the right track. I was so encouraged and for several days I was still discovering what a difference he had made in the way my body was now functioning(i.e. I had to adjust all my car mirrors since I was able to sit up straighter! etc.)
I want to be quick to say Kyle has never held out to me any false hopes and not a quick fix. He has brought me so far in the short time I have been coming because he has helped me to know what we can change (through his therapy sessions, my exercises to strengthen and build up, etc.) and what we can’t change and where to put my time and energy. I am encouraged as we work together to reclaim as much of my body’s function as we possibly can. My only regret is that I did not know about Kyle sooner so that I could have gotten started years ago, which is the sole reason for this post. If you are considering Kyle let me share some more of my observations. Kyle is a quiet thorough worker(so when he speaks it will be something you will want to remember). You will have his undivided attention and his years of experience which has taught him much taking his work to the next higher level. Kyle is an excellent teacher as well as a Master at Bodybuilding. You will find Kyle to be personable yet professional in his work; he genuinely cares about people and is gratified to know he is making a difference and helping you. Kyle is very perceptive and recognizes how to adapt his program to custom fit your special need(Hallelujah!). He is gentle yet very effective due to his unique approach. The man is honest and I believe he will tell me when he has brought me as far as he can take me. I sincerely believe that if you give Kyle the opportunity to prove his worth, you will agree with me that The Wright Center could very well be the “right” center for you. Thanks for listening.

Vicky Jorgensen


Rated 5 out of 5
August 16, 2020

Kyle Wright’s expertise and approach to bodywork are truly exceptional. I scheduled a session due to knee and shoulder problems and walked away feeling like a new person! In addition to alleviating those issues, he was able to successfully treat my hip area which had limited movement for years. I was thrilled with the results after just one session and know additional treatments will be beneficial as well. His superior technique allows him to work deeply and effectively without causing discomfort. Mobility and function restored – priceless!

Sheri Shadley

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