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Myo refers to the Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Network, a Primary Element and Controlling Factor of the Musculo-Skeletal System. … MANY Symptoms & Conditions Emanate from Dysfunction in the Myo-Structural Tissues of the Human Body.

kyle wright demonstrating anatomy & kinesiology for postural balance & correction in medical massage therapy & myo-structural bodywork

Kyle Is An Expert In Advanced Structural Anatomy

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If You Are Looking for Medical Massage Therapy near Asheville NC, we have assembled and refined the Best, Most Relevant Sciences & Principles of Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, and Structural Bodywork into a Unique, Quantum* Advancement in Soft Tissue Therapies.

Quantum: Borrowing from the field of Quantum Physics, they refer to a Quantum Leap or Paradigm Shift, a drastic change and advancement, in our understanding of Nature & Reality. We at the Wright Center believe we provide a Leap or Shift in the way bodywork is provided for You, the Client.

You Too Can Relieve Years or Decades of Pain and/or Dysfunction with Kyle’s Many Years of Experience, Extensive Knowledge, and Highly Refined Skills in Resolving A Wide Variety of Soft Tissue Issues.

Medical Massage Therapy near Asheville NC,
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In Fairview on Charlotte Highway (State Route 74)

What Is Mindful
Medical Massage Therapy?

Medical Massage Therapy uses various styles of manual (hands-on) pressure on your skin and muscles (neuro-musculo-fascial units) to effect specific changes on selected muscles to produce specifically intended changes.

The resulting and (usually) highly predictable changes in the muscles are primarily to release tension & stress, allowing the muscle(s) to relax & lengthen, and to rebalance with other muscles.

This process leads to the overall decompression & reduction of irritation of many & various related tissues. As the muscles decompress, excess pressure is taken off of the joints & bones, off the nerves & pain receptors, off the blood & lymph vessels, and off the organs & glands.

Mindfulness allows for the NO Pain, MORE Gain Phenomena: If the Client engages with the Therapist in communicating about their sensation and pain levels, and focuses more attention on their experience, the muscles will release & relax FAR more effectively & efficiently.

What Are The Benefits of Medical Massage?

General Massage Therapy: More common forms of massage usually (though not exclusively) focus on full-body relaxation. This is often referred to as Swedish Massage or Spa Massage. This usually encompasses longer, more surface strokes to the skin and outer layers of muscles.

This approach has many health benefits such as general de-stressing of the tensions & stresses in the body and even the mind. Benefits can include improved circulation, reduced aches & pains, calmer nerves and attitudes, easier breathing, and a clearer mind. People often sleep better after a good massage.

Medical Massage more precisely focuses on specific symptoms, injuries, or challenges a person might have in the muscles, fascia, and joints of their body. And we encompass the nervous system, brain, and mind in our work as well.

Our Method uses manual (hands-on) pressures and movements focused on smaller areas of the body appearing to be the primary source(s) of a Client’s complaints. In some sessions, we only focus on a few muscles, depending on the evaluation of the Client’s posture and movement patterns.

What We Do: In A Nutshell

LOGO for Kyle C Wright and Schools of Advanced BodyworkClinical / Medical Massage Therapy and Myo-Structural Bodywork & Balancing address muscular imbalances and skeletal deviations such as twists, tilts, and rotations of the pelvis, spine, and shoulder girdle, in turn causing pain & dysfunction. 

The Objective Of This Work is to provide a NON-Painful, FAR more relaxing approach to relieving a Client’s pain and dysfunction by DE-compressing and thoroughly re-balancing their musculoskeletal structure.

In the process, our Clients become far more “in touch” with and responsive to their own BodyMind.

We want You to develop MORE CONTROL over your muscle & nerve systems. Our therapeutic process helps you develop that control. Because …

You Cannot CHANGE What You Cannot FEEL …

Or at least, it’s not so easy!

We help You develop internal sensitivities allowing You to Take Charge of Your Own BodyMind and musculoskeletal system. We are helping You learn how to FEEL, Relax, Lengthen & Balance the various muscles of your body.

What We Do:
In MORE Than A Nutshell

Many years ago, when I, Kyle C. Wright, graduated from massage therapy school and started my own school, teaching my very first class in 1993, with six high-quality and dedicated students, I never imagined witnessing over 12,000 students graduating from my first five massage therapy schools with the same level of determination I had.

They also had the benefit of the years of experience and training I had been involved in over the years.

In the 40 years since starting my first practice and massage school in Jacksonville, Florida, I’ve had the good fortune and freedom to experiment with new and innovative approaches to soft-tissue therapy.

It is not always easy — and often even risky — to be an early adapter of new ideas and techniques.

This is especially true when new, innovative ideas go against common understandings and practices of the day. At the time, these common practices included much of what I had previously been taught by leaders in the field.

Yet, the innovative and much different approach and techniques my own schools have been teaching for more than 40 years are steadily working their way into acceptance by mainstream massage educators and practitioners.

Several years ago, I moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina to set up my new Private Practice of Medical Massage Therapy & Structural Balancing near Asheville NC. We are located a short, ten-minute drive Southeast of Asheville in the small, quiet town of Fairview.

Postural Distortions & Gravity:
A Root Cause of Pain & Dysfunction

Through practicing and teaching, I’ve evaluated and successfully treated thousands of people suffering from chronic pain. …

As of 2023, that number is approximately 90,000 Client visits!

My approach in providing personalized therapy to Clients as well as teaching bodywork to students is based on discovering, then reducing or eliminating, postural distortions, musculoskeletal imbalances, and myofascial pain.

Much of the time, musculoskeletal pain is caused by the way the body opposes gravity inefficiently. Meaning, body weight has shifted off the bones and onto the muscles.

I like to say:
Bones Don’t Lie, and Muscles Always Win!

Meaning, where the bones are in space, and are in relation to each other, tells us what the body is doing. Yet it is the muscles pulling and holding them there.

Here is an important concept described by David Scott Lynn, the co-author of my text book, Structural Balancing: A Clinical Approach:


As gravity starts to pull downward in unnatural ways, muscles start “feeling weak,” and then we think we need to “strengthen” these allegedly “weak” muscles. Yet in many, if not most, cases, this is the OPPOSITE of Reality.

It is usually NOT that muscles are “too weak,” but they are constantly over-contracted, stressed, out of balance with each other, and “burned out” from working too hard in ways they were not designed to do.

They can also be over-stretched, with the muscle cells to “pulled apart.” Therefore they cannot function correctly.

When a muscle is over-shortened, no matter how much power you can develop, the muscle cells cannot shorten anymore, so they cannot do more work or movement. They will then feel or test as “weak,” but are NOT really “weak.”

Notice in the middle illustration, the normal state is for the cross-bridges to be equally overlapped between the actin / myosin fibers.

In the over-lengthened illustration (top), the cross bridges are pulled too far apart and the cross-bridges have no overlap. So the muscle cell, no matter how “strong” it is, cannot generate force. So it feels and / or tests as “weak.”

In the bottom illustration, the tips of the myosin fibers are up against each other, and cannot shorten any further. Therefore, no matter how much power the neuro-muscular unit can generate, it cannot shorten anymore. So it too feels and / or tests as “weak.”

muscle fibers in and out of balance - actin / myosin

It is amazing how many people with over-shortened or over-lengthened and seemingly “weak” muscles all of a sudden feel stronger with NO “strengthening exercises.” Sometimes, it is instantaneous!

~ David Scott Lynn

Therefore, it is my (Kyle Wright’s)  experience that many of the painful afflictions people suffer from are caused by the gravitational forces being continually and inappropriately applied to their body and the way their body responds to or opposes gravity, often with painful results.

Downward Stooped, Collapsed Posture Repaired with Structural Bodywork & Medical Massage Therapy Near Asheville NC

Downward Stooped & Collapsed Posture, with Forward Head & Neck Positioning Illustration by David Scott Lynn

Such distortions cause the all too common downward stooped & collapsed posture, with forward head positioning.

In addition to injuries, excess stresses, and various degrees of trauma, it is very often muscles taking over the function of bones and a constant fight with gravity causing some or many muscles to tighten so much they actually feel as hard as BONES.

This shifting, altering, and compensating of the body, with accompanying chronic, musculofascial tension, often leads to a constant barrage of:

  • trigger point formation
  • referral of pain to distant areas
  • deviations (unevenness) in leg lengths
  • distortions in the pelvis and spine (misalignments), and
  • depressed or elevated shoulder girdles

A Deeper Understanding
Of How Posture Works

Most often (and rarely mentioned in modern medical or massage practices or their textbooks) is the lack of understanding of how postural distortions have indirect, direct, and eventually negative effects on the body.

Or, more precisely, it is the excess tensions & stresses causing the postural distortions. We use the resulting distortions and imbalances to tell us which muscles are the most problematic and in need of relaxation & lengthening.

These negative effects are often from the body being pulled down and forward by gravity, literally compressing the body tissue-by-tissue, cell–by–cell, molecule–by–molecule. On top of that, most people are not even aware their poor posture can eventually lead to musculoskeletal pathology.

My objective in sharing this approach is to focus on muscles overly “locked short” from Chronic Excess Musculo-Fascial & Nerve Tension & Stress (C.E.M.&N.T.) and the muscular imbalances linking poor posture, musculoskeletal pain, and restriction of body movements.

Specialist in Dissolving C.E.M.&.N.T.*
with Clinical / Medical Massage Therapy &
Myo-Structural Bodywork & Balancing

Chronic, Excess Musculo-Fascial & Nerve Tension & Stress

Kyle C. Wright treating a ClientPatients or Clients ( P/Cs ) seek Medical Massage Therapy near Asheville NC for a number of reasons, including decompressing tired muscles, reducing stress, and supporting general health.

Clinical / Medical Massage Therapy with Myo-Strucutral Balancing (a concept developed by David Scott Lynn) one of many different types of massage and bodywork, uses a sensitive touch to manipulate soft tissues throughout the human body.

Medical Massage Therapy involves a newfound ability to understand and effectively identify and manipulate soft tissues of the body for the purpose of reducing your chronic, excess muscle and nerve tensions & stresses contributing to onsets of pain and dysfunction. It offers an in-depth look at the various causes, symptoms, and conditions of muscle tension and the principles of reversing that tension.

BTW, when we use the term Muscle, we are usually referring to the Musculo-Fascial unit as a fully integrated system. This includes the fascial sheaths that contain & protect the muscle cells. Most of the time, treating the muscle cells as separate from the fascial sheaths is misguided at best. Most of the time, even when pain or pathology has developed, they are functioning as a fully integrated unit.

And our clinical massage therapy provides opportunities for You, the Client, to become far more aware of and responsive to your own body and its needs. This increases your results and the results last longer, sometimes MUCH longer, sometimes permanently.

DE-Compressing & Balancing
Your Human Structure

Myo-Structural Balancing scientifically tracks down sources of aches, pains, and dysfunctions not sufficiently responsive to the usual localized treatment (at the location of pain or other symptoms) of neuromuscular / myofascial structures.

Postural Imbalances Analyzed by Structural Bodywork & Medical Massage Therapy Near Asheville NCClinical / Medical Massage Therapy uniquely focuses on the manual, hands-on treatment of soft tissue to maintain, develop, augment, or rehabilitate the P/Cs physical functions. Medical massage therapy can improve the functioning of muscles & joints, the healing process, metabolism, and circulation.

This is done by first DE-compressing the soft tissues (muscles & fascia), then re-balancing the relevant muscle groups.

Using a NO Pain, MORE Gain Philosophy …

We believe that “intense sensations” are fine for short periods of time. Yet if sensations are too intense, too painful, or too intrusive, and for too long of a time, this is often VERY counter-productive. We encourage Clients to communicate, to let us know if our manual pressure produces sensations causing the Client to resist relaxing or letting go into the therapy.

You want to INVITE the sensations, not FIGHT the sensations!

… This unique approach to the skillful resolution of chronic muscle tension and the problems it causes is the primary technique you’ll be receiving from the Wright Center of Clinically Advanced, Medical Massage Therapy near Asheville NC with Myo-Structural Bodywork.

This skill — and the related knowledge — is what sets us apart from many, if not most, of the therapists practicing today.

Myo-Structural Balancing: In-Depth

To solve the above-described problems, we use a unique system of Structural Analysis & Postural Assessment. By determining what the bones are doing — where they are in space, and relative to each other — we can therefore evaluate what the muscles are doing.

The angles and rotations of the bones tell us which muscles have become chronically over-shortened, in turn becoming the targets of treatment.

Whereas most methods of assessment focus directly on local soft tissues and their immediate local pain patterns, focusing on relationships between bones and between bones and gravity gives us far more accurate information as to which muscles to treat.

Advanced Anatomy for Medical Massage Therapy Near Asheville NC

[ Illustration from ]

Muscles are the only thing in the human body with the ability to physiologically and significantly shorten, therefore pulling bones out of alignment.

Muscle tension from adaptation, compensation, overload as well as repetitive injuries will, more often than not, lead to joint restriction, joint fixation and eventually, joint deterioration.


Analyzing Deep Muscles with Structural Bodywork

The Psoas Muscle
Illustration from David Scott Lynn

Muscles also have the direct ability to compress, degenerate, deteriorate, and fragment spinal discs.

In the illustration to the right, the Psoas Major muscle (the nearly vertical lines along the vertebrae) pulls almost straight down on the lumbar vertebrae.

This directly compresses the lumbar vertebrae, reducing the space for the intervertebral disc. This leads to disc degeneration, eventually crushing it.

In many cases, chronically over-shortened muscles pull bones out of alignment, or muscles reactively adapt to distorted bone positioning and lock those bones into misalignment and restricted motion, more or less permanently, if the Client does not find a practitioner who understands this process and how to treat it.

Learning How to FEEL, Relax, Lengthen, Balance & Control these muscles will in many cases reduce or eliminate excess, chronic pressure exerted by the muscles & fascia on various tissues of your body. Unfortunately, such effects are not well recognized, if at all, by the orthodox medical profession, nor many of the “alternative” or complementary health care professions.

One of the most common comments we hear in talking to people is when seeking Massage Therapy Near Asheville NC and Fairview, “no one does what we do.” The method is truly unique, and very few therapists in the country practice quite like we do,

YES, it is True … Some unfortunate people will NOT find a practitioner who sufficiently understands and utilizes these principles, because there are so few of them. Many of the people we’ve treated had nearly given up hope of ever finding relief. And most of them had tried MANY approaches to therapy.

A precise knowledge of Structural Anatomy & Functional Kinesiology allows us to precisely evaluate the positioning of Your, the Client’s, musculoskeletal structure.

Anatomical Knowledge for Medical Massage Therapy Near Asheville NC

Musculo-Fascial Structure of Skeletal Muscle Components — from

We look through the softer, superficial tissues to the deeper bones, providing a more accurate structural assessment of what’s really going on. Then, we’ll have a far better idea of which musculo-fascial units, the soft tissues, to treat.

Kyle C. Wright is a Leading Edge Expert on Myo-Structural Analysis and Clinical / Medical Massage of the human body … of assessing and treating the muscles, fascia, joints & bones and the nerves controlling them. ~ David Scott Lynn

You See (and it Bears Repeating), Bones Don’t Lie and Muscles Always (in the Long Run) Win!

The premise of this system of bodywork is to create relaxation, lengthening, symmetry & synergy among muscle groups by consciously applying effective manual techniques and conscious stretching to chronically shortened muscles, not necessarily the painful ones.

That’s because in MANY cases, the painful muscles are reacting to other, more fundamental things going on in the other, more causative muscles of the body-mind. Treating the reactive muscle(s) instead of the causative muscles sometimes, or often, makes a Client or Patient even worse.

This better result can be achieved by utilizing deep-tissue work. Yet we use a non-painful approach, discovering and isolating the actual causes of problems rather than just massaging the area of pain or complaint.

Working on painful muscles very often works quite well. But for many, it does NOT!

Working aggressively into pain often works pretty well. But for many, it does NOT!

The more stressed, irritated, or traumatized a Client is, the less painful therapy … well, works. For such people, they need the approach of  …

No Pain = More Gain!

We have found it UN-necessary to push Clients’ muscles so hard and fast as to cause pain.

Working too deep merely causes you, the Client, to tense up and resist the therapy. While painful therapy can work up to a point, the no-pain approach provides far deeper access to muscles and nerves and longer-lasting results.

DSL: Originator of the Fundamentals

Kyle C. Wright's Book on Structural Bodywork for His Schools of Advanced BodyworkDavid Scott Lynn (DSL EdgeWork: Yoga / Bodywork / Whole Health Therapeutics) contributed and collaborated with me in the writing, research, and development of my massage school textbook, Structural Balancing: A Clinical Approach. It was published by McGraw-Hill in 2010.

In 1993, David originally taught me his philosophy, science & techniques of bodywork and shared his principles of effective psycho-muscular balancing & structural analysis techniques.

David taught me how to reach deeper levels of a Client’s body-mind — by Playing The Edges (NO Pain Means MORE Gain) — without producing pain or resistance in the Client’s body.

The main things I learned from David were about playing the physical and mental “Edges” of pain and resistance and his theory on Chronic Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress (C.E.M.&N.T.), as well as his structural evaluation methods.

After incorporating his yoga and bodywork techniques in my practice and schools, I can say without reservation that his theories on muscular compensatory adaptation patterns allowed me to take my bodywork therapy to “The Next Level.”

Providing Superior, Individualized Therapy

Medical Massage Therapy Near Asheville NC, with Myo-Structural Bodywork, is a compilation reflecting my many years of education, practice & instruction in the field of clinical / medical massage therapy. It is a product of the beliefs I share with so many others. One such belief is that Clients are entitled to superior and individualized therapy so they may get the benefits and results they’re looking for.

Focusing On The Essentials

Rather than attempt to encompass a wide range of massage techniques, my work focuses more deeply on certain aspects — Clinical / Medical Massage Therapy and Myo-Structural Bodywork — and less on others. We do not, for example, utilize Asian or “Energy” work.

NOT that those methods are not effective. We have just found them to not be as useful for our particular, structurally-based approach to the human body-mind.

Throughout my career I built a strong following and reputation for being a goal and results-oriented bodyworker, working with people suffering from musculoskeletal pain. My work evolved to write our curriculum material and school syllabus to assist many a student’s educational development in learning and understanding a higher-level approach to highly therapeutic massage & bodywork.

Kyle C. Wright Demonstrating to a Class of Advanced Bodywork Students of Medical Massage Therapy Near Asheville NC in Fairview

Kyle Teaching Structural Anatomy to Students of the Schools of Advanced Bodywork

Their great successes as therapists after graduation are a testament to the value and effectiveness of this work.

The goal of our time together is to assist You, our Client, so when you are on the massage table with complaints of muscle pain and/or various restrictions, you’ll have a clearer picture and a deeper level of understanding — you’ll be educated — on what’s below the surface of your skin, what we’re working on, and what muscles could be causing it.

As David & I teach to soft tissue therapists, our job is to help YOU, the Client, FEEL, Relax, Lengthen, Balance & Control the various muscles of your body.

After all, it is quite difficult to change what you cannot FEEL or Perceive.

We encourage clients to give continuous feedback during sessions — close communication between you and your therapist. Increased feedback further allows for deeper, more profound changes in your body, and maybe even some spiritual growth while rebalancing your body.

Additionally, I recognize that massage therapy can be extremely effective either by itself or as an adjunct to other modalities, such as flexibility and strength training exercises, chiropractic and acupuncture, and emotional and spiritual healing.

I and my teaching staff have many years of experience in the massage and bodywork profession both in practice and instruction. It is with great pleasure we share our massage and bodywork experience, knowledge, and practical skills with you.

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I sincerely hope you’ve learned some things about Myo-Structural Bodywork & Medical Massage Therapy near Asheville NC and that together, we may help you achieve your therapeutic goals and get the results you need to live a pain-free and unrestricted life.

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