From Private Client’s Who’ve Benefited
from Kyle’s One-on-One Therapy:

I have severe scoliosis and the consequent spinal and muscular challenges that result from going through life in a crooked body for 40+ years.

Despite rigorous yoga, chiropractic care, and frequent massage, by my late 30’s I was in constant and life-limiting pain. I sought every conceivable type of bodywork, acupuncture, and alternative therapy. By 40, I couldn’t write due to nerve compression, I couldn’t sit in a care for over 30 minutes, and worst of all, my essential yoga practice was becoming increasingly painful to practice.

I scheduled a massage with Kyle Wright’s NC School of Advanced Bodywork upon its opening. I expected only a pleasant, calming distraction from my constant unaddressed pain.

My first session with Kyle was an awaking. Finally….this enemy pain can be met and negotiated with! Kyle locates the deepest hide-outs of pain and restriction and coaxes them out. The oldest, cruelest, and stubbornest pain isn’t a match for his knowledge and patience. I have never met more skillful hands.

Kyle’s decades-hewn confidence gives me the infusion of hope – and caring – that I had been searching for. My scoliosis cannot be cured, but I can be pain-free. I can be unlimited and free in my movements. I can get better. The extraordinary work that Kyle Wright practices and teaches has been an invaluable gift to my health and quality of life.

I have had sessions with several of Kyle’s students, as well. His students, after their initial weeks of training, surpass the majority of experienced therapists. I would recommend a massage with one of Kyle’s trained students over any established therapist I have visited over the past 15 years.

For anyone dealing with chronic pain, there is an inexpressible joy in isolating it, eradicating it, and walking away free of it. Thank you all at the NC School of Advanced Bodywork for being my allies in freeing myself from pain. 

Cybele Hetherington
PS. The fact that I hand-wrote this letter speaks for itself.
Before visiting [your school] I had difficulty
writing my admittedly long name!

The first visit to North Carolina School of Body Work was quite rewarding. First of all, the greeting from Kimberly, the Director, was so positive and professional that one just felt good things were going to happen. The evaluation from Kyle, the owner of the school, made so much sense . . . even in layman’s terms.  Then he got to work. Wow what a difference knowing how to work with muscles makes. the hip pain I had definitely subsided and after a few more visits was gone.  I also decided to come back and for a reduced rate but not service, have had 3 different students work on problem areas. Great experience. I would recommend the school, Kyle, and the student clinics to any one wanting to understand their body, its mechanics, and to be healed to consider this as a start to wellness.

Barbara Henegar
Asheville, NC

For several years, I had chronic pain in my lower back and neck, and I sought relief through chiropractic care, massage therapy, rolfing and yoga. Though I felt some improvement, there were knots deep within my muscles that were seemingly unreachable. Kyle’s approach to bodywork was unlike anything else I had experienced – gentle yet highly effective. He is very talented and knowledgeable, and knew exactly where to work to release the tension. After just a few sessions, he re-aligned my pelvis and ribs, equalized my leg lengths, and elongated muscles that had contracted. The pain evaporated, and I noticed improved mobility. He is clearly passionate about his work, and his sessions were relaxing and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Kyle!

Kathy Wagner

My experience begins with a catastrophic fall in WV in 2012 that left
me paralyzed from the neck down for a number of hours. Following my
hospitalization I obviously had issues with pain until a friend
suggested I pay a visit to this massage therapist in NC who did work
that few had any knowledge of in the massage industry. I spent 2 hours
on Kyle Wright’s table and to my surprise I experienced amazing
relief. I determined from that day I wanted to do Bodywork and
thankfully my best friend and I graduated February 2020 among a very
prestigious group of the world’s finest therapists. The program is
incredible and at times you think you are trying to drink from a
firehose but in the end you have the finest start to a new beginning
you could ever imagine. I highly recommend anyone interested in
seriously making a difference in the lives of people suffering from
chronic pain personally investigate this program. The staff are
extremely knowledgable, humble and dedicated to changing lives for the

Lee Forbes
West Virginia
February 2020

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