The Pelvis, SI & Hip

3-Images-Psoas-2In this workshop you will learn how pelvic distortion affects the sacroiliac and hip joints. You will learn structural assessment and treatment strategies for the most problematic muscles affecting the pelvis. Because if the pelvis is crooked, the spine will be crooked, then a slew of compensatory reactions go into effect to keep the eyes level with the horizon.

Muscular imbalances such as twists, tilts and rotations of the pelvis and the most common root causes of deviated leg lengths will be explored.

Our former students know and understand that if you had one thing to accomplish when evaluating and treating a person’s body, you want to level the pelvis and restore symmetry in leg lengths.

Think of the pelvis as a bowl in which the spine sits in forming the sacroiliac joints.

If someone has sacroiliac joint dysfunction, would it not be a great service to look at all the muscles that attach and traverse the path over these joints as well as imbalances between these muscles?

There will be No Pain involved during this workshop.
No Pain = More Gain