Leading Edge Clinical & Structural Bodywork

& Professional Education Sessions with

Jessica Lavender, LMBT


  • Graduated top of my class at NCSAB.
  • I consider myself a soft tissue detective, looking at everyone and every body as unique and tailor my work with the goal to identify, address, and then achieve the structural and clinical needs of each individual.
  • Always a student. Always growing and learning. I believe as soon as you think you have all the answers, that’s when you don’t. 
  • Honored to work side by side with Kyle for the last several years. First as a student and apprentice. Then assistant therapist and teaching assistant. Now have the privilege of co-instructing in the classroom with foundation students and in post graduate workshops alike, and am the co-therapist with Kyle in our private practice. 
  • Not just a job — true calling and passion and lead by example when it comes to projecting a healthy body/mind lifestyle.
  • Suffered from chronic pain for 10 years before learning about and experiencing the life changing effects of Kyle’s school and bodywork, which in turn gives me deep empathy for patients suffering from chronic pain.
  • Experience working with a large variety of people; whether high performing athletes, weekend warriors, minors with scoliosis, elderly patients, pregnant ladies, seated chair victims. The list goes on…..